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Make Your Reporting Measurable

So you’ve got a great SEO strategy. A nice email marketing campaign in place. You’re even running paid search ads. But no digital marketing effort is worth the time if you don’t invest in a solid digital marketing analytics and reporting plan.

Integrity’s St. Louis digital marketing team prioritizes data analysis in our tactical plans because we know that data-driven strategies work. And we have the measurements to prove it. We regularly review marketing analytics from your various channels, provide actionable insights and adjust our efforts, as needed, to provide the best possible results.

A Digital Marketing Analytics Agency

Google Suite Expertise

Our team is trained in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console and leverages these tools on the regular for our marketing programs.

Analytics Dashboards

Accessing your own marketing data and success should be easy. At Integrity, we create beautiful, intelligent and real-time Google Data Studio dashboards for our clients.

SEO Reports

How is your site performing from an SEO perspective? We’ll regularly track your technical site performance, keyword rankings, organic traffic and more.

Email Marketing Reports

Stop sending emails into the void. Keep your email marketing campaigns running as optimally as possible with post-campaign performance reports.

User Behavior Heat Mapping

When users land on your site, what do they do? How do they interact with it? Are there any points in their journey that could be improved? We’ll help find out.

Geotargeted Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail is smarter than ever. By geotargeting certain areas and demographics — as well as connecting the piece with digital ads — you’ll get the most bang out of your buck.

Social Media Analytics

Get a better feel for how your social media marketing strategy is paying off with ongoing analytics and insights into your engagement and audience.

Paid Ads Reporting

We evaluate your paid ad performance across platforms to diagnose budget, copy and placement opportunities, continually improving the efficiency of your ad spend and the value of your campaigns.

Other Integrity Services

More Than Just Crunching Numbers

Just like digital marketing, data is everywhere. But do you know how to use it? Our team is ready to support your business. Whether you want to get leads in the door, help patients make appointments, increase product sales or simply spread brand awareness, we’ll help tie real metrics to your goals that we can track, provide insights into and then translate to real ROI for your business.

Digital marketing can feel abstract. You posted on social media, but what did you get for it? You threw money at paid ads, but what do you have to show for it? Integrity’s St. Louis digital marketing team takes the guesswork (and secrecy) out of your marketing programs. We go beyond vanity metrics, making sure we’re looking at the data that can make a difference.

Real data and insights = better strategies and better results. It’s just fact.

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