Why did Integrity build a global web development agency in St Louis?

Why indeed...

Integrity designs and builds web technology and marketing solutions for some of the biggest brands on the planet. Given the programs we lead, we are often assumed to be headquartered in New York or San Francisco and there is often some confusion when we say St Louis, Missouri, has been our home for 20 years. To assist our out-of-town friends, here are a few reasons we love this great city so much.

No, We Are Not From Here.

In fact, both of Integrity’s partners (John Simanowitz and Ed Morrissey) are from other cities and have traveled extensively before settling in St. Louis. Our love for St. Louis stems from this national perspective which helps us appreciate how amazing this town really is.
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Danforth University Center first floor view at Washington University in St. Louis

St. Louis Talent Is Exceptional

Take it from the leading web design and development agency in the midwest when we say hiring great people in St. Louis is far easier than other cities. St. Louis has incredible universities and technical colleges who supply the region with skilled designers, copy writers and developers.

St. Louis talent is also fiercely loyal, with some of the lowest turnover rates for high skilled workers. In general, St. Louis talent values balance and flexibility which (in our opinion) creates better decisions and far better work product.

St. Louis Is Just A Great Town

We don't care how much you make in Palo Alto. At the end of the month, do you have anything left? It's amazing how many people kill themselves in high cost markets and end up essentially working for free.

In St. Louis, a web designer, copywriter or developer can live anywhere. Their kids can go to any school. They can add to their retirement plans (a requirement at Integrity), save money, spend time with family and travel. Integrity believes a balanced team builds exceptional websites, applications and marketing programs — and the best place to create that team is here in St. Louis.
Gateway Arch National Park and Downtown view with a ferry on Mississippi River
TV and working desk inIntegrity XD office
Delmar loop street view in the late afternoon in St. Louis

And Our Street Is Amazing

At Integrity, we talk a lot about being purposeful and where you spend your time is critical. Although St. Louis has many great locations, the diversity, energy, proximity to a top University and crazy good coffee and lunch makes the world famous Delmar Loop our logical home. Many team members live close by and walk, bike or board in whenever an in-person meeting makes sense.

Location Location

St. Louis is quite literally “in the middle of America,” making travel easy. We can reach any coast quickly or jump in the car for any major Midwest town. Our clients usually don't ask for an in-person meeting these days, but if the need arises, it's easy cheesy. From a cultural standpoint, being in the middle of America is appealing to global web product companies looking to regionalize their services for “the average US customer.” If you want a product that the average American will love, have a Midwestern American design and build it.
American flag pushpin pointing St. Louis

There Is So Much Happening...

Outdoor promenadeSt。Louis MetroLink heads to the platformPolar bear in the waterDelmar loop daylight street view with blue sky and clouds in St. LouisChurch in St. Louis

St. Louis is experiencing a level of innovation and investment never seen before. The Cortex Center, TRex, CIC, Greater St. Louis, STLMade and dozens more groups organizing, supporting and investing in what's next. The future of St. Louis is so very bright, and Integrity is proud to call this wonderful town home, investing in its future, supporting its ambitious leaders and challenging any of our web marketing and technology competitors here in America or abroad to come, visit and maybe even stay. Heck, we will even give you a tour ourselves.