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We optimize and advance businesses by offering the technical scope and capabilities of a large corporation with the personalization, transparency and approachability of a small firm. Integrity delivers successful programs for clients ranging from startups to midsize companies looking for growth to massive enterprise clients who trust us to work with sensitive data in highly regulated environments.

For nearly two decades, Integrity has leveraged a winning combination of business and web consulting and technology to solve our clients’ most complex challenges.

Our Offices

Integrity was founded in 2001 in St. Louis, Missouri. Since then, we’ve expanded to 8 offices around the US working in over 50 strategic consulting, marketing and technology disciplines across dozens of industries and markets.

Our diverse team of talented professionals work across the US to partner with clients wherever they are.

Integrity’s goal on every program is to be great by design, not by accident.

By merging human-centered design thinking with a lean startup mentality and iterative development approach, we ensure that we work smart — delivering the product to the market in a fast, measured manner while maintaining a sharp focus on building a product that meets what the user truly wants.

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Design Thinking

Human-centered design thinking is at the core of every solution Integrity crafts, whether it be a website, custom web application or mobile app. This singular approach ensures that we understand users’ motivations and needs, requirements for business processes, and opportunities to implement technologies when formulating solutions that drive overall business success.

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Lean Startups

A lean startup approach turns proposed solutions into effective business models. It’s a principled approach to new web product development that focuses on how to steer, when to turn, when to persevere, when to quit and how to drive results with maximum productivity. This mentality ensures we work smarter not harder, get to conflict quickly and produce business models that work.

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Iterative Development

Agile, iterative development reflects frequent and incremental delivery of working product with ongoing evaluation and prioritization of plans. Iterative development helps us deliver the product to the market on schedule and on budget while obtaining the continual feedback required to adapt the product to meet both your business’s and users’ unique needs.

How we do it

Our comprehensive services deliver effective and robust experiences.

Integrity is more than just passionate consultants, technologists or creatives — we’re an end-to-end services firm with the ability to ideate solutions and successfully execute every stage of a program in-house. Integrity isn’t just our name; it’s how we work.

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Integrity is trusted by global brands that care about innovation.

We are St. Louis's premier web consulting and digital development company, with proven experience in industries ranging from healthcare to finance to e-commerce and beyond. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses, providing expert knowledge not only of their goals but how to best achieve them.

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