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Support solid strategies

Support solid strategies

As technology evolves, so should your business. Now more than ever, it’s important to have an innovation advisor and strategist on your side who understands the intricacies of your operations and can help you determine a vision for the future.
Lead to data-driven web consulting

Lead to data-driven web consulting

Our mature, data-backed approach to management, business modeling, user experience and engineering are ideal for ideating, launching and supporting new innovations within complex business structures and evolving organizations.
Create long-term success

Create long-term success

We help you uncover solutions for your toughest challenges that deliver on your goals. Before we begin, we ask, is your business or idea possible? Would the solution produce a positive ROI? Next, we apply design-thinking and human-centered approach to set those ideas into motion.

... through comprehensive Strategy & Consulting services.

Market Definition
Market DefinitionMarket Definition

Clearly defining your target market is essential to attracting and engaging users. We work with you to understand who your customers are and where your market is heading.

Online Surveys
Online SurveysOnline Surveys

Before redesigning your site, we make sure we understand your user. We conduct in-depth analyses of internal and external audiences and users with insightful surveys.

Focus Groups
Focus GroupsFocus Groups

The best way to know what your users want and need is to simply ask them. We'll focus on the research, so you can understand the existing interactions with your users and realize the shifts in their expectations.

Technology Audit
Technology AuditTechnology Audit

We thoroughly evaluate your current architectures, systems, websites and processes, taking inventory of the good, the bad and the untapped resources in order to identify opportunities for improvement.

Existing Product Analysis
Existing Product AnalysisExisting Product Analysis

Measure twice. Cut once. Assessing the state of current systems and comparing that to user needs and market expectations allows our team to accurately measure the distance between current and ideal state.

Content Strategy
Content StrategyContent Strategy

Our content strategists provide support in every aspect of content creation, from wire framing to copywriting to messaging to persona definition, ensuring that your content is optimized to engage, inform or sell your users.

Platform Recommendations
Platform RecommendationsPlatform Recommendations

As a technology-agnostic team, we let the needs and requirements of your business and users define the most effective and sustainable approach. We consider many different platforms and systems before recommending the right one for your business.

Business Strategy and Priorities
Business Strategy and PrioritiesBusiness Strategy and Priorities

We identify new opportunities for increasing revenue, reducing cost and driving greater market differentiation, with each opportunity prioritized by value and effort, empowering our clients to make informed strategic decisions.

Advanced Upskilling
Advanced UpskillingAdvanced Upskilling

The skill of your team is your greatest asset and market advantage. While traditional classes are a good start to grasp general concepts, advanced upskilling requires applied knowledge with real-world programs. Integrity embeds client team members into our program teams, teaching them how to build similar programs on their own.

Client Team Coworking
Client Team CoworkingClient Team Coworking

When solving complex challenges, tight collaboration requires proximity when possible. Today, high-skill talent chooses where they office, and they prefer destinations – places they would go even if they weren’t working. Located in the center of the Delmar Loop District, Integrity offers clients the ability to locate their web innovation teams alongside our own.

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