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There’s a reason we recommend email marketing to our clients — it’s tried-and-true and it works. But only when done right. Integrity’s St. Louis digital marketing team collaborates with our UX/UI designers and web development team to craft a comprehensive email marketing strategy that reaches your target audience. 

By combining content strategy with analytics insights, your audience will receive a tailored, engaging and smart email program that makes an impact and converts. Whether you’re asking alumni for donations or driving the sales of your new product, our St. Louis digital marketing specialists are here to help.

Email Marketing Expertise for St. Louis and Beyond

Target Audience Segmentation

Email is a direct line to your audience, which means you need to know what makes them tick. We’ll review your target audience, segment them and craft a strategy accordingly.

Email Platform Selection and Setup

Not every email platform is created equal, and not every tool is appropriate for every client. We’ll make recommendations and help configure your chosen tooling.

Email Content Strategy

Mapping out what to say is one thing — crafting that content is another. Our content strategists can help draft engaging, tailored copy for your new campaign.

Responsive Template Design

Our UX/UI design team creates beautiful, branded and responsive email templates to hold your new content and engage your email’s recipients.

Email Audit

Maybe you’ve gone down the email marketing path already but need a boost. We’ll take a look at your previous strategy and audit your content to recommend a way forward.

Analytics and Reporting

Measurement is the key to a successful email marketing strategy. We’ll review each campaign’s performance and pivot as needed to ensure you’re being seen.

Database Cleanup

Already have a hefty email database? Integrity’s digital marketing team will scrub the list of any inactive clients or recommend a re-engagement campaign to reach them.

Other Integrity Services

Email Marketing Just Got More Awesome

We’ve been around for nearly 20 years, and our email marketing strategies not only evolve with the times — they evolve with our clients. Your goals this year may look different than they did last year. 

There are always new digital marketing strategies around — and we’re big fans of a lot of them — but we’ll always sing the praises of email marketing. With a strong SEO content strategy, responsive template designs, targeted segmentation and deep insights, we’ve got the recipe for email marketing success here at Integrity.

Email is the answer to many business challenges. Want more web traffic? Point your audience to relevant pages and posts in your email campaigns. Need help with brand awareness? Introduce yourself with an email. Want a more comprehensive marketing strategy? Email is the perfect complement to other tactics, like content marketing and social media. Looking for a higher conversion rate and more engagement? Automated and drip email strategies are capable of that. 

Whatever your business challenge — and wherever you’re starting from — let our St. Louis digital marketing team craft an email marketing strategy that’s right for you.

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