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Applied Ai for Business

AI platforms are powerful but generic. Solving specific business issues successfully and consistently requires thoughtful interaction design, customization, integration and development. Integrity works with our clients here in St Louis or anywhere else in the world to define user goals, business and technology requirements to design custom AI platform implementations that save money, make money or drive a unique competitive advantage.

What is applied AI?

Applied AI is the practical application of AI technology to solve real-world problems. At Integrity, we help our clients harness AI-based systems, applications, and algorithms to solve complex business problems. Applied AI has the potential to transform industries and improve customer experience by making systems more efficient, accurate, and personalized.

Actionable insights that ...

Give you a competitive edge

Give you a competitive edge

We perform custom web product development, integrate e-commerce platforms, complete cloud migration and build custom technologies to give you an unbeatable advantage over your competition.
Rely on data

Rely on data

Getting people to experience and interact with your brand online can be critical to its success or failure. Our data-driven online marketing services are designed to reach your target users where they browse, boosting your brand awareness and delivering maximum ROI.
Scale your business online

Scale your business online

Our web consultants and custom web development team leverage their deep industry knowledge to help you determine the technology solutions that will transform and expand your business.

... through comprehensive Applied AI services.

Strategic Consulting
Strategic ConsultingStrategic Consulting

No one knows your business better than you. But by immersing ourselves in your operations, we make sure to know what you know and see what you see. We become an extension of your team to provide actionable recommendations for strategies that will drive maximum ROI.

AI Prototyping
AI PrototypingAI Prototyping

Have a great new idea on how to use Ai but not sure where to start? The Integrity team can build a simplified version to test the concept, get it in the hands of users and prove / disprove the concept as soon as possible.

Product/Platform Roadmapping for B2B Companies
Product/Platform Roadmapping for B2B CompaniesProduct/Platform Roadmapping for B2B Companies

We help our B2B clients create a plan for leveraging the most sophisticated products and platforms to your operations. And rather than come up with a one-and-done roadmap, we make sure it evolves as often as you do.

Fin-Tech Business Analysis
Fin-Tech Business AnalysisFin-Tech Business Analysis

Every business can benefit from an independent, unbiased view of its operations during important periods of time. We can help you conduct the discovery, due diligence, and analysis to set new goals and objectives, document future-state needs and, if needed, implement change.

FinTech User Journey Mapping & Persona Definition
FinTech User Journey Mapping & Persona DefinitionFinTech User Journey Mapping & Persona Definition

Let’s talk about audience segmentation. Our business consultants work with your team to determine who you’re trying to reach, where they live, and how they best communicate.

Design/Build Innovation
Design/Build InnovationDesign/Build Innovation

We sit down and work together to define the problem and scope of the program. Next, we see your product through, from discovery to design, development and launch.

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