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Strategy and Marketing Lead
Nov 21, 2023

Integrity is excited to welcome Evan Kelly as our newest Technical SEO Consultant. Evan brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to our team.

Evan's journey into the world of SEO began with an unexpected opportunity. After graduating with a degree in creative writing and history, he found himself at a crossroads. Unsure of how to leverage his degree, Evan took on a copywriting and SEO job with a web design company. Little did he know, this decision would mark the beginning of a successful career in the dynamic field of search engine optimization.

His approach to SEO is akin to solving a puzzle, where each piece contributes to the larger picture. Evan's ability to see multiple angles to approach a problem has made him proficient in unraveling the complexities of SEO and digital marketing. His knack for connecting the dots has proven valuable in helping businesses improve their online visibility and ranking.

What sets Evan apart is his competitive spirit. As someone who has always strived to be the best, Evan thrives in the competitive world of SEO rankings. He delights in the challenge of achieving that coveted number-one ranking and has a track record of turning seemingly impossible goals into reality.

One standout success story in Evan's career involves MMCI Robotics, a client aiming to dominate the competitive landscape of warehouse automation. Tasked with ranking for the term "robotic palletizing," Evan took MMCI Robotics from the 16-20 range to the coveted number one spot, surpassing even the manufacturer they represented. 

Beyond his professional achievements, Evan brings diverse interests to the Integrity team. From being an accomplished cross-country runner in high school to loving hiking and outdoor activities, Evan embodies a well-rounded approach to life. He's also an avid reader of fantasy and sci-fi genres, with a personal project – a fantasy novel set in a world he created.

As someone who values growth and continuous learning, Evan joined Integrity in October, eager to contribute his skills to a team dedicated to excellence in web development consulting. 

We look forward to witnessing Evan's impact on our projects and are thrilled to have him on the team. 

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