Integrity Hosts Successful STL TechWeek AI Chatbot Lunch and Learn

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Content and Digital Marketing Strategist
Apr 17, 2024

The Integrity team rounded out STL Tech Week with a bang during our AI Chatbot Lunch and Learn! Chief Technology Officer Jeremiah Harris, Strategy and Marketing Lead Erin Sucher-O’Grady, and Project Manager Drew Newman led our session with valuable insights into how web development and digital marketing are driving cutting-edge AI features and functionality.

Integrity Senior Strategy Lead Erin Sucher-O'Grady Presents on AI

Starting with a high level overview of artificial intelligence (AI), Erin led us through the benefits of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), which is an evolving intersection between human adaptability and technology.

Drew then elaborated on what a GPT is exactly - a generative pre-trained transformer - and how Integrity Web Consulting used conversational AI to create a chatbot to serve the needs of our client, Fight Colorectal Cancer.

ChatCRC, the customized chatbot Integrity created, is an informational revolution for patients and their families that provides general colorectal cancer intelligence as well as resources to empower and educate the community.

Our audience even experienced a live demo of the tool, which you can explore on your own.

Jeremiah concluded the presentation with how our team established the technological solution based on Fight CRC’s business needs. Simply put, choose your provider based on budget and estimated traffic, create your customized prompts, build a proprietary database and application, test, and finally, launch.

By creating this life-changing chatbot, the possibilities for our clients in the future are endless! Conversational AI can lead to new and innovative solutions for employee onboarding, personalized purchase advice, customer service triage, and more.

If you missed out on our discussion, we’ve got it all on video!

We even got a #strongarmselfie in for our amazing client, Fight Colorectal Cancer.

Here's to staying hungry to learn as the world of technology continues to evolve every single day. As we say at Integrity, life is short, do what matters 💥

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