Carson Underwood Joins IntegrityXD as Full Stack Developer

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Strategy and Marketing Lead
Mar 8, 2024

IntegrityXD is excited to introduce Carson Underwood, our newest software engineering and full-stack development hire, who comes aboard with a passion for crafting stellar software that leads the industry in reliability and maintainability.

Carson's journey through the tech landscape has been impressive, recently culminating in his role as a Software Engineer III at World Wide Technology. His contributions at World Wide Technology not only showcased his ability to develop cutting-edge applications but also played a pivotal role in securing significant contracts for the company. Whether it was integrating third-party APIs or containerizing backend services, Carson's innovative approach to software engineering has consistently elevated the teams and projects he's worked on.

Prior to his latest role, Carson was making waves as a Senior QA Automation Engineer at Netsmart and as a QA Automation Supervisor at O’Reilly Auto. His expertise in automation and his leadership in managing teams of QA engineers have honed his skills in ensuring software quality and efficiency.

Carson's roots in the industry trace back to Black Lantern Studios, where he began as an Associate Producer, leading multidisciplinary teams to achieve milestone deliveries.

At IntegrityXD, we pride ourselves on hiring individuals who are adept at their craft and embody our core values of innovation and quality. Carson's extensive background in various programming environments and a knack for creating automated testing frameworks make him a great fit for our organization.

We can't wait to see the transformative solutions Carson will contribute to at IntegrityXD. Please join us in giving him a warm welcome!

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