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Reintroducing a niche brand ahead of its digital and traditional marketing transformation

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Originally created in the 1970s, Nathan Pritikin’s Pritikin Diet program has helped thousands of people from around the world transform their health by focusing on daily physical activity, a positive mindset, and whole, plant-based foods.

Using the Pritikin Longevity Center as the launching pad, the brand expanded by introducing an online, subscription ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service called Pritikin Foods. Pritikin Foods came to Integrity as they were looking for a Midwest-based strategic marketing agency to help them: 

  • Rethink how the brand was positioned in the market 
  • Build awareness as they moved from their niche to mainstream customers

Pain points

The subscription ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service industry is very fragmented. Introducing a new brand to a specific customer base creates a unique set of challenges. Mass marketing to broad user segments is not possible — success can only be achieved with hyper-targeted tactics and marketing assets that resonate with those who would be most interested in the brand.

Integrity collaborated with Pritikin in the delivery and planning of major components of their broader long-term marketing roadmap. By creating a comprehensive brand strategy that elevated Pritikin’s already-established brand, Integrity delivered a set of marketing elements for the company to use. 

The roadmap included:

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