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Enhancing users’ experiences with a cohesive WordPress redesign

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The Pageant and Delmar Hall are popular music venues located in the Delmar Loop in St. Louis, MO. The Pageant has hosted concerts and live music for over 20 years. Its adjacent and sister venue, Delmar Hall, has also established its fame as a sought-after music venue on a smaller scale.

Pain points

The Pageant and Delmar Hall sought to merge website content to create an optimized user experience while preventing any negative impact on either site’s SEO performance. 

Additionally, the websites required a general design update, especially in the wake of COVID-19’s impact. This included focusing on creating a decluttered, user-friendly refresh without completely overhauling the website design as well as incorporating more modern design elements.

Integrity conducted a UX and technical audit to determine what was working and what required change for the redesign to create a better user experience and successfully merge the two sites. 

Our UI/UX design team used Figma for real-time collaboration and feedback on wireframes, the design system, page comps, and prototypes to determine the best navigation for the two sites as well as presenting a singular call to action. These best practices allow for both The Pageant and Delmar Hall to remove friction while moving the user down the sales funnel. 

Our WordPress web development specialists converted the sites to a single-site WordPress install. Since The Pageant and Delmar Hall are owned by the same company, there was no need to publish duplicate information to overwhelm the user. Additionally, this enhanced the user experience by being able to look at upcoming events on both venues.

Events were also made filterable with the Search & Filter Pro plugin to run the Ajax on the event pages while utilizing UX best practices. By automatically pushing event status updates, our client doesn’t have to manually change pricing or event times as they occur.

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