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Making a worldwide brand’s human resources easier to manage

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Nike is the worldwide marketing and sales leader of footwear, apparel, equipment and related accessories. A key component of Nike’s DNA is covering nearly every sport on the globe, product, manufacturing and operational management innovation.

Pain points

As part of a broader innovation initiative, Nike needed to provide hiring managers with an online platform for scheduling interviews as well as to collect and store interview results. Its current processes lacked efficiency and the brand desired greater insights into job candidates’ performances.

After a thorough technical, functional and UX design feasibility audit, Integrity put forth a series of recommendations that resulted in the design and development of a web app platform that:

  • Reports the dispositions of candidates after the live interview evaluation
  • Increases administrative and processing team utilization by automating portions of the hiring process, and 
  • Improves the accuracy of new hire data by eliminating manual data entry.

Tools & Technologies
SAP Predictive Analytics
SAP BusinessObjects
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