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Reaching a previously unengaged audience with fresh email marketing tactics

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Maryville University is a nationally ranked private higher education institution in Greater St. Louis. With 11,000 students, undergraduate and graduate programs and a robust online program offering, Maryville was named the second fastest-growing private university in the U.S.

Pain points

Maryville’s Alumni Relations team already had a sophisticated marketing program (which included email marketing) to reach alumni. Their primary challenge was connecting with alumni who graduated in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. They wanted to better engage this demographic and encourage them to get involved in the Maryville community and consider charitable giving.

In addition, the team wanted assistance with leveraging their campus-wide email platform, Pardot by Salesforce.

Integrity’s digital marketing team partnered with Maryville to audit their current 70s, 80s and -90s email marketing strategy, content and template designs. We also conducted a discovery to better understand this audience and the tactics Maryville had been employing. 

Our team then structured a new email marketing strategy and cadence to reach the audience in new ways, from sharing alumni stories to highlighting current research and requesting user-submitted content. The web design team also created a suite of modern and responsive email templates that utilized UI/UX best practices. Each step of the way, we gathered and evaluated the campaigns’ analytics in order to strengthen our campaign or pivot when necessary. 

In the end Integrity increased Maryville’s previously engaged alumni audience by 33%.

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