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Using the web to diagnose digestive and behavioral conditions

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KindredBio is a leading provider of innovative veterinary pharmaceuticals. Their core strategy is to identify biologics that have already been proven safe and effective in humans and apply them to veterinary medicine to treat common diseases found in felines, canines and equines.

They partnered with Integrity’s St. Louis web development team to assist in the design and development of an online tool — — to help pet owners triage medical conditions prior to determining if a trip to the veterinarian was required.

Pain points

Cats have a complex set of behaviors that may, at times, make it difficult for a pet owner to differentiate between an acute medical disorder and simply a unique personality trait.  

Some pet owners struggle with deciding when and when not to take their pets to the veterinarian.  Ignoring symptoms could lead to them worsening, while being proactive could waste time and money.

Integrity created a web app screener to help pet owners make more informed healthcare decisions on behalf of their cats. Organizing a set of medical and behavioral questions in the form of a quick and intuitive quiz provided users a dashboard report that could guide the pet owners next steps.

Tools & Technologies
Microsoft Dynamics
Gravity Forms
Adobe XD
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