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Creating a company — and executing its vision — from the ground-up

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Our client is an equine industry expert with years of experience working with primary equine stakeholders such as riders, trainers, barn, suppliers and veterinarians in a variety of roles. They looked to Integrity to help with the initial concepting and buildout of their broader product roadmap.

Pain points

The client wanted to address blind spots within equestrian sports. The equine industry is fragmented and opaque making information hard to find and trust. Participants of the sport lack a social community to share information, ask questions and discuss insights that aren’t available anywhere else.

Integrity provided the client with a foundation to kickstart their company. Coming in at the earliest possible stage of the initiative, Integrity provided a team of business strategists as well as product, design and technical subject matter experts to assist in validating their ideas and concepts. 

By delivering work related to technical feasibility, brand identity and product lifecycle management, our client has moved onto the next step in the start-up lifecycle.

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