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Preparing an e-Comm leader for its growth strategy

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Brooklyn Bedding is an industry-leading bed-in-a-box mattress brand with more than 80% of sales coming through their online e-commerce presence. They have experienced incredible growth in recent years. As it plans for future expansion, the company prepares to scale all aspects of the digital ecosystem to meet a yet-to-be-determined demand.

Pain points

Brooklyn Bedding’s e-commerce platform has been adequate based on existing user, business operations, marketing and sales requirements. As the company continues to grow and scale, and website traffic increases, there will be a higher reliance on the e-commerce experience.

Integrity provided a detailed audit and assessment of Brooklyn Bedding’s digital footprint. The results showed that there were significant opportunities to improve site performance, user experience and accessibility. Integrity developed a playbook of detailed recommendations that could be completed in phases or priorities based on investment needs, broader digital innovation initiatives, business acquisition and/or operational expansion and internal resource capabilities.

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