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Leveraging human-centered design to optimize hospital administration

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Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation (BMHCC) is regarded as one of the premier health care systems in the nation. This faith-based health care organization was once the largest privately owned hospital in the United States.

BMHCC looked to Integrity to provide UX design subject matter expertise in their efforts to make hyper-focused operational data easier to access and more consumable.

Pain points

BMHCC utilizes a series of fundamental KPIs to monitor the health of the organization on an ongoing basis. The current-state tooling required users to create reporting via a complex matrix of systems and data samples. Iteration and timeliness of the reports made them less impactful.

Working with financial analysts, department heads and executives, Integrity collaborated on the development of a full-scale financial analysis tool that permitted primary and secondary stakeholders user-intuitive access to collection, analyzing and reporting high-quality financial information. 

Created by our web design specialists, the platform and associated dashboards provided real-time data analysis of such specificity that it could identify acute operational deficiencies and strategic opportunities related to revenue, cost, volume, market and payor management.

Tools & Technologies
Adobe XD
SAP BusinessObjects
SAP Landscape Transformation
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