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Integrity partnered with one of the largest crop science companies in the world as they prepared for the re-introduction of a highly unique product that was set to change a market unfamiliar with bleeding-edge innovation.

Pain points

The agricultural industry is slow to change. The acceptance of new technologies, processes and products is often met with skepticism. Due to geographies, cultural differences and methods used, many farmers wait for mainstream acceptance prior to adopting niche crops that may have a low return on investment.

With a focus on sustainability and expanding the limits of how crops and their byproducts can be used, this ag leader was eager to re-introduce a product that had limited success in the early 1990s. Technological advancements since its original introduction made the product much more valuable in the current market. 

The success of the re-introduction would be dependent on:

  • Executing an integrated launch process that involved stakeholders across the value chain
  • Driving market demand
  • Supporting early adopters throughout post-launch

Integrity’s innovation team conducted an extensive discovery to better understand the market and all of its participants. Analyzing generally accepted industry processes and primary activities, acceptance of change and general needs of all of the stakeholders, Integrity was able to provide a set of technology, business process, marketing, sales and operational recommendations. Furthermore, Integrity advised the client on key knowledge gaps and risks involved in implementing the recommendations. 

Detailed recommendations were prioritized based on: 

  • Impact on the organization
  • Level of effort 
  • Timelines
  • Investment requirements
  • Organizational limitations

Recommendations included activities such as:

  • Developing high-value prototype solutions to show growers how they will be supported
  • Improving ordering, inventory and various reconciliation processes and platforms
  • Introducing grower recruitment and management resources
  • Digitizing of the product launch process
  • Using crowdsourced data collection methods to identify user trends
  • Improving current enterprise platforms and their integrations
  • Simplifying communication methods used during the sales and ordering process
  • Cataloging and cleansing existing databases to improve recency

The result of the initiative provided for a logical, cadenced roadmap for how to re-introduce the product and created a template for how future products could be launched.

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