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Pros in WordPress Web Development

Integrity has been building marketing websites and complex web systems on the WordPress framework since the platform's earliest days in 2003. The platform has evolved exponentially since then, and our expertise has evolved along with it. 

Integrity’s St. Louis web development team of WordPress experts can leverage the platform's full range of capabilities to accomplish your goals.

A WordPress Web Development Agency

Custom WordPress Websites

WordPress is famously easy to edit, but few understand it well enough to build custom solutions correctly. Our extensive experience makes Integrity the go-to for corporations, institutions and governments looking to leverage this popular platform safety for their unique communication applications.

WordPress Theme Builders

Integrity leverages WordPress theme builders like Elementor to reduce development time, allowing for a beautifully designed website that will launch on time and on budget. Our web development team can guide you through the options and help make the best decision for your organization.

WordPress Integrations and Plugins

Correctly extending a WordPress website to integrate with third-party data sets and systems is not plug and play, but we do it every day. CRM and email marketing systems, content management and syndication, analytics, calculators — whatever you need, our team will find and implement the right integration for you.

Security Best Practices

The downside to using the world's most popular web content management system is that every hacker on the planet also knows it really well. Our team has pioneered advanced WordPress security measures to secure WordPress instances as tightly as possible. That’s why Integrity is trusted by both government and financial industry clients. We aren’t guessing and hoping: we’re experienced and are staying up to date on the latest best practices.

WordPress Support and Maintenance

Whether you have an existing WordPress website or we’ve created a new one for you, our team of WordPress developers will ensure your site is functioning as efficiently as possible with regular maintenance, updates and audits.

WordPress for SEO

Our digital marketing content team will tell you, they prefer when our clients are on WordPress because it’s the leading CMS for SEO. It makes the work of organizing and optimizing pages intuitive and efficient, allowing us to spend our time where the hours truly count: creating content that your users will seek out and latch onto.

This is the Next Level of WordPress

As developers, designers and content writers, the entire Integrity team has loved WordPress for its accessibility and community resources that allow truly anyone to create a website. Free WordPress templates and user threads help users troubleshoot issues only sweeten the deal.But just because anyone can do it doesn’t mean they can do it well. 

What our web development agency excels in, however, is going beyond the beautiful but basic sites. WordPress is foundational, so we use it as an anchor for our specialized teams to build from. As your business expands, you don’t want your website limiting your growth potential. Integrity considers UI/UX design, SEO, security, and longevity so we can deliver a fully functioning, top-performing site that will serve you now and in the future. 

Operating on another CMS? Integrity can help to audit your current site, see where the value lies and then map out the import and migration process to ensure we don’t lose what’s working while we transition you to WordPress.

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