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Do you have a clear understanding of your e-commerce business and are looking for a partner to help execute it? Or, have you realized how complex building an effective omnichannel e-commerce strategy really is and need a team to create a roadmap to guide you through the lifecycle of the process?  

Our St. Louis web development team has the e-commerce experience and ingenuity to provide the best solution for your business’s needs. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, your customers deserve an amazing e-commerce experience. Integrity can give you that.

An E-Commerce Web Development Agency

Feasibility Audits

Goals, objectives, size and scale ultimately determine need and strategy. By partnering with our clients, Integrity’s e-commerce development team will assist in aligning current state to future state threshold and objective requirements with feasibility audits.

E-Commerce Platform Selection

Selecting the proper platform can make or break your e-commerce market performance. We can leverage our subject matter expertise to marshal candidate platforms that maximize impact, timeline and investment. Our technology-agnostic business model permits Integrity to align a problem to a holistic solution vs. a problem to a software that drives profit.

Custom Web Development

When off-the-shelf is not the right solution, a customized e-commerce platform may be the path to follow. Our e-commerce development team can create unique features tailored to your business that perform better, have optimized functionality, maintain design for your brand’s identity and have the flexibility for unlimited growth opportunities.

Shopify Web Development

Getting eCommerce right is complicated. For those looking to launch on day one with a great user experience who need to be time and budget-conscious, leveraging a tool like Shopify could be the difference between failing or scaling. By partnering with our Shopify pros, you can get there even faster with a high-functioning e-commerce site that's professionally configured.

Magento Web Development

For extensive SKU libraries that exceed Shopify’s capabilities, e-commerce platforms like Magento often fit the bill. At Integrity, we routinely push the boundaries of Magento functionality and work hand-in-hand with Adobe engineers to keep pace with expanding customer system demands.

Headless E-Commerce Websites

If you have a website you love but need to add e-commerce functionality, we can do that. Our team will recommend and implement an intelligently integrated, headless e-commerce solution that most aligns with your current tech stack, current needs and future goals so you can hit the ground running with an e-commerce experience that is seamless and scalable.

Marketing Strategy for E-Commerce Sites

For B2C clients, internal team members must be advocates of the platform in order for it to be successful. Our team will partner with these individuals so they understand the benefits of the platform and how to use it. We can also develop a digital marketing strategy that ensures your site performs and stays visible.

More “Add to Carts.” Better Experiences.

How is your current e-commerce experience? Do you have one to begin with? When you sell products to customers — whether they’re other businesses or individuals — people expect an online presence, and one that’s intuitive and user-friendly. 

A poor e-commerce journey can mean the difference between dollars and dropped customers. Customers’ expectations for buying products and services online have risen. Our e-commerce development agency can help you meet, and exceed, those expectations.

We’ll walk through your goals and your current pain points. We’ll talk about what’s worked for you in the past and what hasn’t. Whose site do you admire? What do your customers want? Integrity’s e-commerce team then creates a tailored approach to creating a beautiful and seamless user experience to drive sales — and we’ll support you every step of the way.

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