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Want a new website but don't need all of the bells and whistles that come with custom development? If timing is critical and you need to launch a functioning and user-friendly website or app, a low-code solution can be a great way to get your online presence up and running and ready to meet your business goals.

Don’t mistake "low-code" to mean "cheap result." Our St. Louis web development team will iterate to reach testing assumptions and get critical user feedback fast. Creating a novel and amazing user experience on the frontend doesn't have to require incredible complexity behind the curtain.

Our Low-Code Development Expertise

Low-Code Platform Strategy & Selection

No tool is best for everything. By partnering with our clients to fully understand the near and long-term business, user and system goals, Integrity’s low-code web development team can best recommend the right platform for your needs.

Shopify eCommerce Hosted Platform

Getting eCommerce right is complicated. For those looking to launch on day one with a great user experience who need to be time and budget-conscious, leveraging a tool like Shopify could be the difference between failing or scaling. By partnering with our Shopify pros, you can get there even faster with a high-functioning eCommerce site that's professionally configured.

Magento eCommerce Platform

For extensive SKU libraries that exceed Shopify’s capabilities, eCommerce platforms like Magento often fit the bill. At Integrity, we routinely push the boundaries of Magento functionality and work hand-in-hand with Adobe engineers to keep pace with expanding customer system demands.

AppSheet Low-Code App Builder

We love Google — and Google loves AppSheet. This no-code/low-code solution is great for building and testing small-scale B2B applications using consumer-level Google services as infrastructure. If you think you might have a killer solution to drive costs out of a corporation, this might be the low-budget way to turn that idea into action.

Firebase Low-Code App Platform

Anything that drives simplicity and reduces friction at scale will win our hearts. Google’s Firebase low-code framework natively integrates with Google Cloud products and has a massive list of integrated services and out-of-the-box features. For a custom app experience you want to get online fast, this solution might last beyond MVP.

Webflow Low Code Website Builder Platform

Webflow has elevated itself as a low-code website builder platform that outputs pro-level code. Webflow is a solid choice for content-managed websites that require a unique look or complex animations. Its robust eCommerce and integration features make it an ideal platform for many complex marketing website applications.

Additional Low-Code Tools

The Integrity web development team is constantly testing new no- or low-code tools to recommend to clients. While we're always excited to see new platforms coming online, most are just not ready for prime time. As they mature, we keep tabs on the product development team's progress and recommend new platforms when it makes sense. We don’t use our clients as guinea pigs.

Low-Code Gets the Job Done

You want a beautiful site but don’t have a giant budget. Or maybe you’re looking to sell products and don’t know where to begin. Low-code web development — while not as complex or robust as custom pro-level sites — is constantly changing and getting better. Our web development team in St. Louis stays at the forefront of these platforms and tools, carefully selecting the right builder for your unique needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, and neither should you.

By getting to know your business and your goals, we can build and design a site that not only looks good but performs beyond your expectations. And our web development team will see you through, even beyond launch, to ensure your low-code website’s performance is exceptional.

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