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What sets you apart from your competitors? What makes your business unique? If your company’s visual branding isn’t air-tight, there’s a chance you’re losing out on customers or missing a valuable connection point.

Integrity’s St. Louis design agency wants to know what makes you tick, and we’ll create assets and an overall look and feel that conveys your mission well. By working with our web design team, we’ll drill down your vision and set you up for ongoing success with our visual branding services.

Our Visual Branding Services

Visual Brand Audit

How are you presenting your company’s look on your web properties and in your digital marketing? Chances are there’s room for improvement and opportunity to address consistency. We’ll review current assets like logos, colors, fonts and overall style to find your brand’s current strengths and weaknesses and provide a path forward.

Visual Identity Creation

Once we’ve audited your current visual brand, we can begin creating new assets that work in harmony to share your story. We want your visual identity to leave an impact on those who interact with your brand. Our designers will create graphics, a color palette, typography and other web design elements that reach your goals.

Logo Design

Your logo is often the first impression people have of your business — and it’s going to go everywhere. Based on who you’re trying to reach and what message you’re trying to convey, our design team will produce a modern logo design suite that tells your story.

Brand Style Guide

Now that we have your visual identity, we can create a guide that can be referenced by anyone on your team so that you’re utilizing these new design elements correctly and consistently. We’ll give you direction on when to use certain fonts and colors, how not to manipulate your logo and more so that your web design user experience is as cohesive as possible.

Other Integrity Services

Make Sure They Like What They See

When viewers see your company represented online, what do they see? And more importantly — is it what you want them to see? Time and time again, companies start building their online presence without considering the importance of a strong visual brand. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: your audience should have a consistent experience whether they’re speaking with you in person, visiting your site or seeing a social media post. And your company’s suite of design elements have a big impact on that experience.

You want to be memorable — and that’s why Integrity’s St. Louis web design team is here to help. We’re a group of creatives who are also strategists. We’ll get to know your company and the state of your current visual branding initiative. Then we’ll create a curated set of graphical elements — such as logos, colors, fonts and other web design styles — so everyone who’s responsible for selling your brand does it in a consistent manner. 

Because visual branding isn’t just about being attractive — it’s about staying memorable.

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