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So you want to build an application? Whether you’re looking to connect your audience with one another in a mobile app space or make your customers’ checkout process easier with a web app, you’ve come to the right spot. 

Solid app design is a marriage between user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design. Integrity’s St. Louis web design team members are specialists in knowing what a user wants and needs, and how a final app product can achieve that. We aren’t a one-size-fits-all shop either: we create custom app designs that achieve your unique business goals and objectives. Oh, and they look pretty awesome too.

Our App Design Specialties

Research & Development

When it comes to applications, your users are your top priority. We’ll examine your audience and competition to ensure we know the application landscape and where your product can fit in.

Mobile App Design

Mobile apps need to be designed in a different way to reach those who are quickly scrolling on their phone. Like web apps, they’re intuitive, personalized and simple. Our UI/UX designers approach mobile app design with these best practices in mind.

Web App Design

Web apps need to be responsive, easy-to-use and smartly designed. They should also place a high emphasis on creativity and usability. We’ll design your web app with an interface-first approach that meets today’s best practices.

App Prototyping

Design mock-ups may help you see the layout of the app and overall aesthetic, but it can be tricky to visualize exactly how the app works. That’s why our team loves prototypes. These application models simulate a user’s actual experience so we can work out any kinks before development.

User Testing

This is one of the most important functions of a well-designed web app: can users do what they need to do? After the app prototype is created, our designers will conduct real-world usability tests to ensure their vision is being executed and utilized as intended.

Where Can Your App Take You?

While it may be true that “there’s an app for that” for nearly everything these days, it doesn’t mean those apps are good. App design is a relatively new field, and it takes a highly trained UI/UX designer to execute it well.

Integrity approaches app design by searching for the problem. Whether that’s a consumer issue your app is meant to solve or a usability issue you’re struggling with in your current app, we use that piece of information as the catalyst for designing your web or mobile app. 

Integrity’s St. Louis web design team, as well as strategists and web developers, will conduct exploratory research to determine how your app could reach your objectives and fit within the competitive space. From there, the fun begins. Integrity’s UI/UX designers are craftspeople with specialized expertise in how to create gorgeous web products that function well in the real world — with real people. Our iterative and agile design process ensures that each step of the way, we’re on track to producing an app that stays on target. 

From your lightbulb moment through to launch, Integrity is an app partner you can count on.

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