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How’s your social media presence? While it may have been considered “nice to have” in the past, it’s now a necessity for nearly every business because both consumers and Google expect you to be there. But social media marketing goes beyond the occasional post on Facebook. It takes the right blend of content strategy, digital marketing finesse and data analytics expertise to know what should be posted when — and whether or not it’s all working.  

Need help strategizing a path forward on the social platforms that are right for you? Integrity’s social media marketing team can help.

Our Social Media Marketing Expertise

Platform Positioning

While you could create profiles across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn and more, it doesn’t mean that you should. Integrity will help you to prioritize platform inclusion based on where your target audience is most likely to engage with you.

Brand Voice & Tone Definition

How do you speak to your customers in person? How about the tone on your website? Your social media content needs to align with the voice and tone used in other areas of your business to ensure a seamless brand experience when navigating across platforms. We can help define that.

Account Setup

Social media account setup best practices help ensure you’re creating your accounts and profiles in a way that keeps them protected while making them accessible for all parties operating within the accounts. Passwords, permissions, and partnering — Integrity can walk you through it all.

Content Creation & Strategy

Integrity’s social media marketing team will walk you through content theme strategies, asset creation, content calendars and integrated tooling for automatic post publishing. We’ll help you to share your message and products in a way that matches the mood of each individual platform.

Design Strategy

If you’re a consumer product company or have a very specific aesthetic that is foundational to your brand, our social media team will coordinate with our in-house designers to establish guidelines and creative that reinforce and elevate your “look” across platforms.

Social Media Analytics

Social media campaigns are no different than other digital marketing tactics, meaning it’s critical that they prove their value relative to your business goals. We aren’t just doing this for the likes and LOLs. Integrity will create reporting dashboards so we can analyze and evaluate our efforts in real-time.

Paid Social Advertising

More than 50% of online brand discovery happens within public social feeds. Leveraging paid social ads is a legitimate way to build brand awareness while your organic following grows. Integrity takes it a step further by aligning organic and paid strategies to optimize campaign performance and results!

Other Integrity Services

Get Social Without Getting Sloppy

We have seen countless businesses, brands and influencers decimate their digital reputation by neglecting their social media presence and messaging. Considered a less-serious form of digital marketing, its care and control are too often placed in the hands of someone who either doesn’t know what they’re doing or doesn’t care about what they’re doing.

It’s not enough to just have a presence. Your profiles and posts need to have a purpose. 

Consumers are on social media on a daily basis: interacting with their networks, researching brands, and leaving reviews. Our St. Louis digital marketing team won’t propose a marketing strategy that doesn’t include social media because the data shows how crucial it is for local businesses to connect with and influence their potential customers.

As a marketing agency, social media is a conversation we have with all of our clients: local, regional, national, and global. If you’re ready to get serious about social, you’re in the right place.

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