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Siteman Cancer Center, one of the leading cancer centers in the nation and longterm partner of Integrity, needed a total rebuild of their dated “Your Disease Risk” web application. They were seeking a modern, fully responsive, user-focused application with a flexibility that would allow them to license the application to other organizations for use on their own sites.

Pain points

Your Disease Risk was originally built as a standalone app and was outdated and not responsive. There was also no way to license the application. As it was previously sharing an entire code base with partners, the app was unable to easily share scoring adjustments, updates and more.

Integrity rebuilt the existing application from the ground up, with a focus on the user and mobile optimization. The new application was built assuming it would always be embedded, impacting the user interface and how session data is stored. It was also customizable for partners that embed the app with site-specific page styles and a widget area of custom functions such as email subscription sign-up or sharing results via email. In addition to protecting sensitive patient data via HIPAA compliance, we built the app to easily implement language translations for future rollouts.

Tools & Technologies
Phoenix Framework

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