Why Women in Tech Is a Must

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Aug 18, 2017

As you’ve probably heard by now, Google recently fired an employee who wrote an offensive memo slamming the tech giant’s diversity efforts. James Damore wrote that “biological causes” and “men’s higher drive for status” are two of the reasons women aren’t equally represented in the tech industry.

We’ve got one word for you, James: NOPE.

At Integrity, we believe gender equality is one of the staples of building awesome websites and marketing solutions. When you walk into our office you’ll see female developers, project managers, UX designers, content writers and operations managers. Women have a strong presence in every department of our company. And, for good reason.

“When you build software (experiences) for all humans, you MUST have diversity in the team that makes design/build decisions. Not just gender and race, but ideals and interests.

A perfect balance of all types of people in one team may not be attainable, but it’s critical for a modern product team to at LEAST understand and appreciate the critical need for ending the boys club.

"Locker rooms make terrible web applications and software,” says Integrity Founder, John Simanowitz.

We could list all of the reasons why women are great and deserve to be treated equally, but that would be ridiculous because the reasons are obvious. Diversity makes everything better. That’s all it comes down to.

So what does a company culture that supports women look like? It looks like encouraging women when they’re in the room and when they’re not in the room. It looks like top executives – whether male or female – mentoring women to help them succeed and grow in their careers. It looks like offering women equal opportunities to work on big projects or with new clients. It looks like implementing fair and generous maternity leave policies.

Over forty-five percent of the Integri-team is made up of captivating and intelligent women that help mold and shape our success. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


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