This Is Probably Why Your Web Project Will Fail

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Feb 23, 2015

Web initiatives are complicated … not just technically, but organizationally. They have a terribly high rate of failure. Even partial successes often fall short of the originally intended expectation.

Modern custom web development projects require a broad cast of characters working together in unison. During this fast-paced, high-risk effort, everyone must be fully transparent about issues, progress, constraints, budgets and dependencies.

This requires a foundation of TRUST throughout all levels of the project team.

If you feel you cannot be truthful with your team, remove those individuals from your project immediately and engage those you trust. If you can’t remove them, consider removing yourself … because you won't like how this project ends.

A project team without a foundation of trust ensures everyone will be making critical decisions based on false or partial information. Issues will be misdiagnosed. Solutions will be incorrectly applied.

The project will fail. The patient may not survive.

Repeatable project success requires a solid foundation of trust where every member of the team is operating with full information, acting without ego or self interest and shares the same vision for the finished product.

It's not easy to build a team where everyone can be trusted, but it is an absolute requirement for success.

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