Why Your Business Needs a Google Data Studio Dashboard

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 15, 2020

Is your business experiencing trouble putting together reports that evaluate your company’s successes and opportunities for growth? Spending countless hours manually compiling data and tracking down metrics from multiple departments to create an accurate representation of your company’s operations can be a substantial challenge.

But creating custom reports to analyze your performance doesn’t have to be a headache. With Google Data Studio, generating free reports tailored to highlight your company’s unique KPIs and benchmarks with live and historical data makes assessing financial, marketing and operational data both simple and accessible. Here’s how Data Studio can improve your business operations and strategies.

Data Visualization Made Easy

Google launched Data Studio in 2016 as a data visualization tool that enables companies to more easily interpret and analyze their data using automated data collection, informative charts and interactive filters. Using customizable dashboards, you can showcase your most important KPIs that help assess your business’s performance.

Using an array of visualizations — such as pie charts, line and bar graphs, bubble and area bubble graphs, geo maps and data tables — your company can see how your business is doing in real-time, or in any date range that you (or anyone viewing the report) can control. And with Data Studio’s templates and a multitude of formatting options, you can customize reports to fit your company’s branding and style.

With many people being visual learners, Data Studio helps bridge the gap between large swaths of data with straightforward graphic interpretations of that data.

Automate and Streamline Data

Data Studio provides users with the opportunity to integrate numerous sources of data ranging from website and social media analytics to the number of leads generated and conversion rates. By incorporating multiple data sources from all aspects of your business, telling the holistic story of your company’s performance is achievable for even data reporting novices.

And while Google created Data Studio to work directly with the Google Marketing Platform (which includes Google Analytics and Google Search, Display and Video Ads) you can also connect data sets from Google Sheets and Campaign Manager to help showcase all of your company’s operations.

In addition to the Google suite of sources, there are over 200 Partner Connectors built by Data Studio partners to assist your business with data collection and analysis. This means that data related to your unique CRM platform, billing tools and paid ads, for example, can all live in one place.

Explore Data Across Teams

By allowing multiple users to work on reports simultaneously, Data Studio creates a collaborative environment to compare and review data across teams, enabling companies to evaluate their ROI on their marketing, sales, and operations more effectively.

Knowing how marketing dollars support your sales team or how digital ad spend corresponds with your website traffic are just two examples of how multi-departmental trends can inform your data analysis of how your business is performing from an omnichannel perspective.

Identifying trends like these help drive intuitive analysis, and Data Studio provides the ultimate platform to visualize your data and determine successes and growth opportunities across your entire business, instead of siloing critical data that could affect your analysis.

With continuous opportunities for data exploration and monitoring your company’s progress, Data Studio is the answer to your data analysis needs. Many underestimate the power of data, and until it’s visualized in a clear chart or graph and paired with data from across your business, you could be overlooking key trends in your company’s performance.

How to Get Started

As business consultants at Integrity, we don’t build Data Studios and simply let them run. We create a customized dashboard that’s suited to meet companies’ needs. By starting with an in-depth discovery process, we learn your business inside and out, mapping out your company’s goals, user journeys, marketing efforts and sales approach.

It’s not enough to know how to set up a Data Studio — at Integrity, we think of data reporting and analytics as telling a story. Integrity’s digital marketing experts learn your business and understand how to best measure your success. And we stay with you through the whole process, using the insights gleaned from Data Studio to inform our next steps, whether that’s adjusting your marketing programs or refreshing your website.

By pairing a Data Studio dashboard with a comprehensive omnichannel marketing program, we can illuminate how your business’s initiatives work — or don’t work — together to drive your company. Contact Integrity today to get started.

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