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Sep 7, 2017

You’d be surprised how many marketing agencies are silo-ed in their workflows. A project begins at account management … it is then passed off to a writer … then onto a designer … then to a developer. And the four people involved never collaborate with each other once.

Not at Integrity. First, we’re not a marketing agency. We’re a custom web development company. That fact alone sets us apart from marketing agencies as far as our capabilities in building awesome websites and web apps go. But in addition to that, we believe in collaboration. Collaboration benefits our team, our final products and our clients. Here’s three reasons why:

1. Collaboration helps us see things from another point of view

Every individual may have an idea of how to solve a client’s ask, but it is only when they come together with other team members, listen to each other’s views and share their personal understandings that their minds are expanded further. There’s nothing more valuable or helpful than having a team member bring in his or her viewpoint during a time when you’re stuck on something or feeling uninspired.

2. Collaboration cultivates teamwork

Our team members love collaborating because it is a chance to brainstorm, problem-solve and have interesting discussions with their co-workers. We don’t want a company where each employee silently sits at their desks, does their work and mindlessly passes it off to the next person in line. Creative people crave creative community. And when a project is delivered, they get to feel that much greater knowing they created something awesome with their co-workers instead of alone.

3. Collaboration builds stronger products

When collaboration happens successfully, the entire team is on the same page. Ask yourself as a client, would you want the team that acts as an assembly line working on your project? Or the team that gets together frequently, asks the right questions, brainstorms hundreds of ideas together and supports each other on the project from beginning to end? The less collaboration there is, the less communication there is. The more you talk about a client and their assignment, the more knowledge is brought to the surface, the faster problems are foreseen and resolved, and the better the end product.

"Reaching a wide audience requires a diversified message," said Ed Morrissey, CCO at Integrity. "Through collaboration our team develops marketing plans to target each consumer who may be interested in our clients' products and services."

Collaboration has proven to be a defining factor in the success of our projects over our 15+ year history. Our little secret to success? It’s easy to collaborate when you genuinely enjoy the people you’re working with.

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