Why Audits Are So Critical

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Apr 1, 2022

The direction you travel matters far more than your speed. 

The Integrity team builds everything from complex advertising and marketing programs, to delightful custom consumer applications and back-office integrations. But the most powerful service we provide our clients is probably our audits. 

Why are audits so critical? Because everything is changing. On any given day, we are asked to provide an outside, expert opinion on a wide range of topics, such as;

Media Plans & Media Mix Audits

Few things have changed more over the past few years than advertising channels. If you haven't had a cross-functional team provide an honest assessment of how your advertising dollars are being allocated, it is almost certain that you are wasting money and missing opportunities.

Lead Generation & Analytics Audits

Regularly auditing your lead generation programs is essential to optimizing and increasing return on investment. Which platforms perform best at what spending allocations will naturally change over time. Left alone, all marketing programs will experience sharp performance declines. Constant ongoing oversight is required for peak lead gen ROI.

SEO / Natural Search Audits

The natural search landscape is constantly changing. Keeping on top of what's changed and ensuring your goals are aligned with your SEO program is essential to ensuring you achieve maximum results.

Web Application Business Plan Feasibility Audits

Whether for startups, institutions or enterprises; Integrity assesses technology-based business concepts. We measure the market opportunity, review the competitive landscape and assess the level of difficulty to launch the application successfully so your business can make the best decisions with your investments of time, capital and focus.

eCommerce User Experience (UX) Audits

Ensuring your web marketing platforms perform at their peak requires constant assessment and iterative improvement. Today’s rapidly changing consumer expectations and technology opportunities demand regular audits and assessments to ensure your team has the best advantage in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Application Modernization and Sustainability Audits

All web systems and applications become inefficient and ineffective over time. Integrity audits your users’ behavior, preferences and biases, then measures the distance between the current and ideal application state. Regular usability audits and enhancements improve performance and utilization while also extending the service life of costly systems.

508 Accessibility Audits

How well does your website or mobile application work for everyone? Color blind? Older users? Does everyone have the same exceptional experience? Does your site even work? Regular 508 accessibility audits help ensure no one is inadvertently prevented from working with you.

Competitive Audits

Your competitors are hard at work building new competitive advantages - do you know what they are? What does it mean for you? Today, new innovations usually come in the form of technology; apps, hardware integrations, marketplaces. Regularly reviewing the competitive landscape and comparing new solutions with your products is critical to staying on top.

Believe it or not, the above list is just a sample of the audits our clients ask us to perform. We review all aspects of our client’s business regularly because they understand the only answer to rapid change is constant vigilance, testing, and refinement. 

Remember, to reach any destination, the direction you travel matters far more than your speed. Take the time to check your map and regularly ask experts for directions.

Contact us today to see if we can help point you in the right direction.

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