What's Next? Anticipation Psychology and Marketing

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Content and Digital Marketing Strategist
Jan 26, 2023

You clicked this blog, and that’s an act of anticipation. Anticipation is everywhere! As humans, we constantly seek answers to questions, trying to bring the future into the present. Anticipation psychology plays a key role in driving e-commerce success and can help your business bridge the gap between desire and purchase. Understanding how your customers think and feel before they interact with your business' digital marketing strategy is essential to an effective buying process. By recognizing that a key trigger in getting shoppers to buy is the anticipation of reward or fulfillment, digital marketing strategies can be crafted to maximize sales.

Research has shown that positive anticipation can have a powerful impact on perception. For your brand, building positive anticipation for a product or service looks like this:

  • While customers wait for it, they’ll feel a greater sense of wellbeing and excitement
  • When customers get it, they’re more likely to enjoy it
  • Once customers have it, they’re more likely to remember it positively

The key concept behind anticipation psychology is using pre-arrival strategies that prompt customers to purchase items before they hit stores or even arrive at their doorstep. Brands build hype around their products or services by these anticipation tactics:

  • Early access promotions
  • Early product launches
  • Limited edition releases
  • Pre-sales and pre-orders (incentives included)
  • Product launch events
  • Exclusive discounts for members

These tactics allow customers to feel like they’re getting something special while building excitement around the product both before and after it arrives. Hype is important! It prompts curiosity and generates admiration among potential buyers before launch.

By using anticipation psychology in your digital marketing strategy, your business can boost e-commerce sales and create a more successful online presence. So…what are you waiting for? Let us help you anticipate success, while hyping you up along the way. Contact us today to get started!

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