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Strategy and Marketing Lead
Mar 14, 2023

For the last 20 years, IntegrityXD has been proud to be the leading web development consulting agency in St. Louis—specializing in helping our clients improve user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) on their digital platforms, we love being from the Lou. So in honor of 314 day, let’s take a minute to celebrate this kick-ass city we call home. 

We all know that St. Louis is the ultimate sports town. From the historic Cardinals franchise to our Stanley Cup champions to our new St. Louis City soccer team, it has never been a better time to be a St. Louis sports fan. As a company, we are proud to support our clients who contribute to this rich sports scene by building remarkable fansites such as Ballpark Village.

St. Louis is also a dedicated music town with a rich musical tradition that traces back over 100 years; from jazz to blues, rock and roll to hip-hop, the Lou has been home to iconic music legends such as Scott Joplin, Chuck Berry, Miles Davis, and Nelly. Now we are biased, proudly biased, to have some of the best music venues in the city on our block here on the Delmar Loop. These legendary venues also happen to be our clients. The Pageant, Delmar Hall, and Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room are three places worthy of celebrating 314 day. 

As a web development consulting and marketing agency, we have been thrilled to watch the innovation and growth in the STL tech sector. Companies like Square co-founder Jim McKelvey's LaunchCode offer coding classes to locals for free while providing job placements to graduates; World Wide Technologies Inc., one of Fortune 500's largest privately held firms, is based in Maryland Heights; enterprise software company Amdocs is investing millions downtown, the Cortex Innovation Community and Washington University are endowing the region at every turn to make St. Louis a hub for technological innovation. As these sectors continue to thrive in our beautiful city, we at IntegrityXD couldn’t be more proud to be helping local businesses reach their full potential here in St. Louis.

Part of that STL innovation story must include the world-class health systems that attract and train some of the best physicians in the country while serving patients from all over the Midwest. We are proud to have the largest healthcare providers in the region as our clients. 

Oh, and last but certainly not least, the food. There is no better way to celebrate 314 day than the square beyond compare at Imo’s Pizza. A client that we love to support, so they can do their important job of bringing that thin-crust goodness to the citizens of this great city is a job we take seriously. 

So whether you are a sports enthusiast or foodie, a healthcare professional or music lover, or a fellow tech geek, our city's thriving industries in healthcare and technology offer countless opportunities for professional growth and development while riding in style with world-famous cuisine, an unbeatable music scene, and renowned sports teams. There's always something exciting happening in St. Louis, so get out on the town and celebrate 314 day right. IntegrityXD is proud to call this vibrant city home and help local businesses grow alongside it—to infinity and beyond!

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