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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Mar 17, 2015

I still remember when Ed Morrissey, Integrity partner and chief creative officer, interviewed me for my position. Having worked the typical restaurant and retail jobs in college and fulfilling a news radio internship at the time, I didn’t know what to expect from the web development company hiring process. And Ed didn’t disappoint with the surprises.

After briefly going over my resume and discussing my current internship, we shifted to more interesting topics. We discussed what kind of St. Louis events I liked to attend and my favorite bands – to which Founder and CEO John Simanowitz in the adjacent office replied by playing the first few cords of a classic rock song over his computer speakers.

I didn’t have any prior experience at a web development company. I had never served as a project lead, community manager or content strategist. What I did have was a portfolio that showed I had a passion for knowledge and a personality that fit Integrity’s culture. And just like that, I was welcomed aboard.

Since that interview with Ed, I have been with Integrity as we’ve gone through an operational change to Holocracy, a company rebranding and the development of our mission: to build amazing things, with amazing people for amazing clients. The people that fill our offices and our chat rooms are just as important as, if not more than, the projects we build for the clients who hire us.

More than anything, we believe in hiring smart people who love to learn and who show potential to fit into the culture we value at Integrity. If you fit seamlessly into our team, we have no doubt that you’ll find and exceed at the role that best compliments your skill set.

As a web development company, you’d expect us to ask every potential development team member a slew of computer science questions. We might be able to determine that they’re a tech whiz or we might just find that they’ve memorized the answers to the same few tests every other employer has asked as well.

While we may ask a few role-specific questions, what we really want to know is how you solve problems and how well you can work with our team. We want to know if you share our commitment to communication, humbleness, constant learning and living with integrity. We want to know if you’re going to love our impromptu team pizza parties, epic holiday celebrations and booze-fueled foosball tournaments.

And if you don’t, that’s fine, too. We often hire new employees on a three-month trial basis. If it isn’t working out during that time, we’re more than happy to reach out to our buddies in the industry to help you find the best fit.

At Integrity, we play passionately and we work passionately and we’re always looking for team members to share this passion with.

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