Why Working From Home Benefits Everyone

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Jan 31, 2018

Ask any of our web consultants and they will tell you one of their favorite things about working at Integrity is the ability to work from home. Some companies have policies about working from home - perhaps it’s not allowed or each employee has an assigned day that they can work from home. Or a limit of one “WFH” day per week. Not us.

We know both our employees and our clients benefit from our work-from-home philosophy. Why?

1. Increase Productivity

The Integrity owners, John and Ed, strongly believe that every person has hours when they are most productive during their day. Some people are early risers, while some are night owls. What our owners don’t want to do is force people to work during times when their brains aren’t functioning at their highest potential. At Integrity, it doesn’t matter if our web consultants complete their work at 7am or 3am. What matters is that they deliver a quality product that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

2. Remove Distractions

Sometimes employees don’t want to be social. Maybe they don’t have any meetings one day and want to get ahead on a project. Maybe they’re feeling overwhelmed and want to stay home so they can focus hard for eight hours straight with no doorbells, phones ringing, office chatter or dogs barking (yes, we have office dogs!). After all, tasks like feel like a second home, sometimes the privacy and autonomy of working in your own space can't be beat. The owners trust that whether an employee is working in the office or at home, their work is getting done. And our employees appreciate that freedom. Nobody wants to feel like their boss is micromanaging them or tracking the days they work from home. Our employees understand there’s a balance between working from home and needing to be in the office. And they’re grateful for that balance.

As we’ve said before, the way to implement a culture of trust and not a whole lot of policy begins with hiring the right people. Once you do that, the rest falls into place. Owners are happy, employees are happy and clients are happy.

Want to work with the leading web consultants in St. Louis, that allow you to work on your time? Send us a message.

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