Using Our Custom Web Development Expertise to Tackle a Tough Integration

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Oct 20, 2015

Integrity is always looking for opportunities to grow by doing complex custom web development projects, and one such opportunity knocked when KellyMitchell asked us to help them modernize their website and integrate their new CRM software, Bullhorn.

KellyMitchell is a national, women-owned staffing firm offering expert staffing services to Fortune 500 corporations and small but quickly growing tech companies alike. KellyMitchell operates on the philosophy that every client and employee deserves the very best—and they follow through on that mission, providing the highest quality services to each company and individual they work with.

They're also a longtime client—we built their old website back in 2010. Working on something new with an awesome partner that shares so many of our own values was no-brainer for Integrity.

The easy part of the project? Modernizing KellyMitchell's website while reinforcing their brand identity. We leveraged our custom WordPress design and development expertise to create a flexible, responsive site that clearly conveyed KellyMitchell's personality and mission.

The challenge? Integrating the Bullhorn API. KellyMitchell had just switched from an older CRM to Bullhorn and wanted job seekers to have the ability to apply for positions with just a click.

"Integrating a third party service is always a challenge," says Integrity Project Lead Libby King. "You're working with something you can’t fully depend on, so you have to be prepared for unexpected complications."

We prepared ourselves by assembling a capable team of developers to carry out the integration and customize the API to fit KellyMitchell's needs.

Bullhorn's API is particularly robust, so we worked closely with the KellyMitchell team to determine what information job seekers should know from each listing, what applicants needed to provide and what we could cut out to streamline the application process.

But our additional customizations were what made the integration really cool.

We created a deferred processing functionality to ensure that an applicant's information isn't lost between submission to and acceptance by Bullhorn. This was our workaround for a common problem presented by any third party API: you can't be sure that you'll be able to connect with the API at any given time.

With our deferred processing function, when Bullhorn is unresponsive or otherwise unable to take an application right away, the information is stored and resent automatically.

We also created a user profile function that improves the user experience for job seekers by allowing them to register on the KellyMitchell website.

Registered users can then log back in to see a list of jobs they've applied for, see their submitted applications and save jobs they want to apply for later. They can also upload and store multiple resumes to choose from when applying for different jobs.


The customization we completed for KellyMitchell created the quick and easy job search experience they were looking for using a popular recruiting CRM. Their unique needs couldn't have been fully met with an existing plugin or Bullhorn Cloud in its default form.

Tackling the Bullhorn challenge wasn't easy—and it took the dedicated work of more than one of our web developers. But we're proud of the site that came out of it, and happy to have had the opportunity to work with such a great company on a challenging project!

Love what you see and need some help with your own website or a tricky API integration? Let's talk about how we can work for you.

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