How Our User-Centered Approach to Web Product Development Works for the Legal Industry

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Apr 28, 2016

If there's one thing Integrity prioritizes above everything else when developing a custom web application, it's the user. You can create the most beautiful application using all the latest technology and still find that it fails – simply because it isn't meeting your users' needs.

In building PohlmanUSA's e-serve web application, we leveraged our UX skills to give the legal industry a taste of how a well-executed web product benefits everyone who uses it.

The legal industry is well-known for its technologies' unfriendly UX. By taking a user-first – not technology-first – approach to the PohlmanUSA project, we flipped the industry standard on its head to translate a highly complex business logic into an intuitive file sharing application.

We started by defining all of the application's users. These included a number of law firm and court employees, each with a unique set of needs the application would have to meet.

The end product is one that offers a unique interface to each user, so that that law firms can easily send documents to court employees, who can then edit, reject or approve those documents – all digitally.

"Integrity's user-centered process starts with an in-depth look at who will use the web product," said Integrity's Ed Morrissey. "This makes it possible for us to truly know what the application needs to do in order to be successful. What does successful look like? It's a product that's not just beautiful and functional, but also usable. It makes the lives or jobs of its users easier."

That is at the core of Integrity's mission when it comes to custom web application development. We want to create beautiful products that our clients' customers love using because it improves their lives every day.

And that's precisely what we did for PohlmanUSA, whose application is currently making the legal process a more seamless one by supporting asbestos litigation in Madison County, Ill.

Want to give your consumers a web product they'll love? Integrity's user experience experts can help. Drop us a line today.

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