How We Use Google Tag Manager to Collect Website Data​

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Dec 15, 2016

At Integrity, we love finding useful and innovative tools to add to our tool box. Custom web development works best when you have the right resources to make adding code a breeze for marketers, so we're big fans of Google's Tag Manager.

Whether for conversion tracking, site analytics or remarketing, Tag Manager easily allows you to collect data from your site with tags. What's a tag? It's a little snippet of code that sends information to your analytics platforms such as Google Analytics or Facebook. And the best part? You can create and manage tags with just a few clicks. In fact, you can skip directly editing your site code altogether by using Tag Manager to manage third-party data collection.

Tag Manager also includes awesome features like "Preview" which helps you test your tags. Testing tags before adding them to your site is an important way to troubleshoot and make improvements before changing code on your live site.

For our client and neighbor in The Loop, Blueberry Hill, we needed a way to track the number of people who were clicking off-site to purchase tickets to shows at The Duck Room, their event space. We integrated Tag Manager and created tags to allow us to track not only the number of users clicking through to "Get Tickets", but also some basic information about the action, such as what page the click comes from. Knowing the number of clicks on the "Get Tickets" button helps us see how many people are going straight to purchase tickets from the Blueberry Hill website.

After adding code to the Blueberry Hill site through Tag Manager, the tag pushes the data it gathers to their Google Analytics account. Then, all the data is perfectly organized and ready for us to assess and review for potential site improvements.

We love Tag Manager for its functionality and the information it provides. We'll continue to use the best resources out there to get all the numbers we need.

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