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Jun 18, 2012

For the first time, Kogan.com, an Australian based online retailer, has introduced the world’s first “tax” on the Internet.

Kogan.com’s customers will suffer the tax expense of 6.8% (which will rise by 0.1% every month) if they make online purchases while using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7 browser. Since Internet Explorer 7 was first released in 2006, several updated versions have been developed. For those who have neglected these updated versions of their browser, they will now pay the price.

CEO Ruslan Kogan told the BBC that the reason for the tax was to receive reimbursement of the extraneous time and costs that were caused by creating an additional rendering of his redesigned site to function with an “antique browser,” such as Internet Explorer 7.

Since Kogan suffered the expense during the redesign of Kogan.com for accommodating customers with antiquated browsers, he sends these customers a valid message. Having an outdated browser does not only hinder users from an optimal browsing experience, but also makes web progression a more exhausting process.

Kogan.com may have stubbornly created the first “tax” on the Internet, but failure to keep your browser up-to-date is at the expense of both parties. So, why not update your browser? It’s FREE. Internet Explorer has offered free updated versions, along with the free browsers available for download on the web, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You’ve really got nothing to lose, unless you visit Kogan.com, then they’ll getcha!


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