Three Figma Plugins to Spark Creativity and Speed Up Design

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UX/UI Designer
Jun 15, 2022

At Config 2022, Figma’s global design conference held last month, co-founder and CEO Dylan Field revealed several new updates to Figma that users had been clamoring for, including Dark Mode, a streamlined Auto Layout, and more customizable font and resize options.

But some of Figma’s strongest features don’t come from the developers at all.

Figma allows third-party developers to create plugins that extend functionality of the software. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a beginner, there are plugins that will make designing easier, faster, and will help push your creativity to new heights. Here are three Figma plugins I use every day.

  1. Befront - An Interactive Training Program for Figma

Befront is an interactive, step-by-step training program for Figma, and with the Pro plan, you’ll learn directly in the Figma platform. Convenient. Even if you’ve been designing for a while, you might find something new using Befront. 

  1. Unsplash - Stock Image Plugin

You’re probably familiar with If not, Unsplash is a website where you can find free, high-quality stock images. The Unsplash Figma plugin allows you to search the images and plug them into your designs with ease. Much easier than downloading a ton of images and plugging them in one by one. 

  1. Typeout - Provides Suggestions for UX Copy

Typeout is a lifesaver for me as someone who struggles with creativity and copywriting. Typeout gives me good copy suggestions when I don’t yet have materials from the content team. There’s a fine line between content and copy, and Typeout helps you help your users navigate your designs.

You can browse more plugins on Figma’s website.

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