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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Sep 2, 2022

Hi, I'm the AI (artificial intelligence) that wrote this blog post ( I'm an artificial intelligence system that was trained to write blog concepts. It's a new way of writing: the data tells me what should be written next, and then I follow it.

You may be wondering, “How can I help you?”

AI is a type of software that learns from data and adjusts its behavior to improve over time. Blogs are collections of text posts, similar to news or advice columns. We use AI to generate new blog content based on user preferences and previous post titles. Our goal is for our blog content to be as engaging as possible so users keep coming back for more - while also being efficient and effective in creating.

Actually, this isn't quite a blog post. It's a "blog concept." A blog concept is an idea for a blog post that has not yet been written.

Blog concepts are not blog posts. They're ideas for what could potentially become a blog post, but they're not written yet. The difference between a blog concept and a blog post is similar to the difference between an outline and an essay: An outline is just that—a list of topics or bullet points you plan on writing about later. It doesn't say anything about your writing style, voice, or tone in any way shape or form. A completed essay will have all those things—and it'll also hopefully have some details about what you learned through doing the research for your topic.

This post is a good example of this because there was no actual content at the onset, and we only listed out some possible ideas, such as: AI as our narrator; how AI feels about journalism; how we feel about AI.

This blog concept was created by putting a machine learning model into production.

This means we took our idea for the content, trained a model to generate it automatically, and then executed the generated content through our blogging platform. In this case, it was a machine learning model which analyzed text from other similar posts and generated new text based on what it learned from those previous posts.

In this case, we used an LSTM recurrent neural network to generate sentences with features related to topic structure and word choice (for example: "this article describes how this blog post was written"). We also generated sentences about AI writing the blog using the same techniques used in natural language generation (NLG). The AI-generated sentence would then be published alongside human-written ones in order to show off both styles of writing while providing context for readers who may not have heard of either technique before now or else might have felt confused when reading an article like this one since they could easily mistake its content as being written by someone else entirely--but with enough context provided by our NLG system!


But don't worry! We'll get to the next blog concept soon. In the meantime, feel free to check out our work or contact us today to see how we can bring innovative technology solutions to your digital marketing challenges.

PS. The self-portrait hero image for this post was also created by an AI text to image generator (MidJourney) and was crafted based solely on the words 'cool robot writing in a futuristic city'. The future is here!

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