The Integrity Team Kicks Off 2023!

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Content and Digital Marketing Strategist
Feb 9, 2023

Teams that play together stay together and Integrity loves to have a good time! Recently, the Integrity team gathered for a kickoff start-of-the-year office party. As a community, it’s important to us to take time to celebrate our clients, our team and our growth as we move into 2023. We are nothing more than our team, so that really was the entire point of this celebration.

Our mission is always making cool things with cool people for cool people! As our world, users and technology change, we stay committed to the same focus that we had for over 20 years – being the leading user experience agency in the galaxy and solving the friction between humans and technology!

In 2023, our team is dedicated to tight focus, deep customer relationships, and highest quality work with a strong bottomline. As we look forward to more success for our clients and our team, we can’t help but look back on what has brought us here.

This year, we added 9 new, awesome team members: Evan, Christine, Adam, Grace, Jeremiah, Donna, Mark, Kristen, and Jonathan. We also partnered with Jump and added over 10 new clients! Now, we can’t forget the clients that have stuck with us for years and years, you are the reason we love what we do! We can’t wait to continue to create awesome stuff with you for years to come. Cheers to a new year of more fantastic accomplishments!

Want to start off 2023 partnering with the most killer team in the galaxy? Contact us today, let’s get started!

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