How Strong Brand Assets Work for a Local Nonprofit

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Aug 17, 2016

At the beginning of the summer, Integrity's team of interns (myself included!) took on the mission of redesigning the Santa’s Helpers, Inc. website. Santa's Helpers is a nonprofit based here in the St. Louis area that helps make the holidays special for underserved families and communities.

The website redesign project called for a streamlined site architecture, new content, Integrity's kick-ass custom web development skills and the design of fresh brand assets.

Developing the brand assets for Santa’s Helpers Inc. required in-depth strategy and creativity. As one of the project's UX designers, I began tackled the brand assets by merging meticulously thought-out strategy with visual design.

The "strategy" portion of that process started with building out a voice, tone and style guide for the organization. The guide outlined the core development of branding assets that allowed us to achieve the client’s goal. Santa’s Helpers Inc. described things like who they are, who others think they are and who they want to be.

The Integrity team then strategized and expounded on these views to achieve the project’s goals.

The style guide allowed us to hone a concrete image for the client, a base to build on to reach their goals. From there, visual aspects from color schemes and typography to logo designs were created, reviewed and reworked until we landed the perfect look for the Santa’s Helpers brand.

The branding assets ultimately allowed our client to reach their goals in developing a new website. The site, with it's clean structure and fresh design, defines who they are, what they provide, what makes them stand out and how they achieve their mission of doing good for St. Louis families. With these definitions, a compelling brand is born.

Check out the Santa's Helpers website and let us know what you think!

Need a refresh for your web branding? My fellow interns and I are headed back to school, but the rest of the Integrity team can take care of you! Contact us today.

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