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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 28, 2012

Jiffy Steamer, a pioneer in the steam industry, is breaking into new territory with the launch of its latest product: SteamBreaker. New inventions require strategizing and branding from the ground up, and Integrity stepped in to take SteamBreaker from start to finish through branding, strategizing and implementing a new website and brochure specifically for this breakthrough technology.

SteamBreaker harnesses the power of steam to quickly and safely break in new leather footwear, saving shoppers everywhere from the long, painful process of getting new shoes and boots to conform to their feet. A process that once meant blisters and chafing over the course of a few weeks is now a matter of a puff of steam and a pain-free few hours of shoe wearing to accomplish.

Finding a balance between multiple audiences (everyone from cowboy boot-wearing Westerners to fashion plates in high heels, who might all be customers of the stores purchasing SteamBreaker) was a key component of the branding strategy for SteamBreaker. A western/modern feel was the answer, proving that one innovation can lead to another. Contact Integrity and we can help you break new ground in your industry.

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