Integrity and EV Technologies Partner for Nerdiest Data Visualization Project Yet

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 25, 2016

Integrity and our SAP partner EV Technologies recently teamed up to create a dashboard comparing two of our all-time favorite nerd franchises – Star Wars and Star Trek – by analyzing tweets coming from around the world.

The dashboard is able not only to display the quantity of tweets about each, but also to analyze the tweets based on topic, sentiment influence and more. Integrity's UX and

Starwars UI


The data itself is pulled in and analyzed in real time by SAP HANA, a database management platform built to perform rapid, real-time analytics.

The EV Technologies team presented the Star Wars vs. Star Trek dashboard to SAP executives at this year's SAPPHIRE NOW ASUG Annual Conference with the goal of showcasing the incredible data visualization capabilities of SAP HANA.

Together, the Integrity and EV Technologies teams met and exceeded that goal. The highlight of the show? When the new Star Trek movie was announced as the dashboard was presented, giving the audience a chance to see the data change as it was happening.

After all, thats the whole point of real time global analytics, right?

The Star Wars vs. Star Trek dashboard was well received by its audience, who have already begun to ask the Integrity and EV Technologies super team what opportunities there might be for real-time data scoring and display of their corporation's data.

Spoiler alert: "A lot, my friends. A lot."

The current dashboard was built to be viewed exclusively on a massive HD TV for the conference, but of course we'll be porting this amazingness to desktop, tablet, phone and tricorder. Stay tuned to see what's next for our nerdiest endeavor yet!

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