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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Sep 15, 2014

Established in 1890 in Ferguson, Missouri, Emerson Electric Company is as St. Louis as toasted ravioli, Provel cheese and lots and lots of sweet barbeque sauce. Bikini season is over, right?

The Fortune 500 specializes in manufacturing and technology for residential, commercial and industrial markets. Traditionally a B2B company, Emerson reached out to Integrity for help in launching its first B2C endeavor – ComfortGuard.

Both a product and a service, ComfortGuard needed an informative marketing site that also allowed users to sign up for the service. Just as important as the calls to action was a purposeful design that maintained its gracefulness on any and every device.

In addition to following our standard process of planning, designing and  building the responsive website; we were given an extra opportunity to get our creative juices flowing. Our lead UX designer also storyboarded, designed and animated a minute-long custom video that lives on the homepage of the website.

In the web development phase, we customized the WordPress site by building a form that implemented one of Emerson’s APIs to allow visitors to check the availability of the ComfortGuard service and either request installation or be notified when it is available to them.

Since Emerson ComfortGuard launched on a national scale, the website continues to generate revenue from homeowners who are interested in having the product installed as well as leads from contractors who want to join the ComfortGuard team.

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