Integrity Ui Designer Makes Website for Non-Profit Organization

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Mar 12, 2013

When you work full time, weekends are a precious commodity. We know that our designers are passionate about their jobs when they spend them doing exactly what they do inside our orange walls – making websites look wicked awesome.

User interface designer Angie Hayden designed the website for the Once Upon a Time Foundation, a non-profit organization that is committed to guiding young women in social and academic development by providing a variety of workshops.

Once Upon a Time was once just a dream for one of Angie’s former coworkers. Knowing a good idea when she heard it, Angie took it upon herself to create a site as whimsical as its name while her cohort set out to build the foundation.

About four months and three new board members later, Once Upon a Time now offers six programs that range from teaching teamwork through community service to pairing young girls with college-aged role models who offer continued support and advice.

Angie’s design principle was inspired by fairytales and strong imagery. Bold fonts on a simple background make the concise content stand out. All of the images are her original work and splashes of pink and a little sparkle speak to the site’s fanciful feel. She said one of biggest difficulties in designing the site was being sure that it was literal enough for investors and parents while still having a whimsical touch that shows the creativity of each program.

Now that the site has launched, Angie is switching gears to making branded materials for presentations, business cards and advertisements for upcoming promotional events.

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