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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Mar 7, 2013

Now we all know how important physical exercise is, but if there is anything to make working out easier, we’re totally game.

Luckily we now have the answer at our fingertips. True Fitness contacted your favorite St. Louis mobile app developers to build an iOS app that is your personal trainer, workout tracker and calorie expenditure all in one.

True Fitness products have been improving gyms worldwide with their award-winning cardio equipment for the past 30+ years. The cardio giant has continued to build their fantastic reputation by taking the mobile world by storm and make tracking workouts even easier.

The True Fitness mobile app tracks the user’s run, elliptical workout and/or bike workouts. Not only can users track their fitness regimen, but they can also plug a USB drive into any True Fitness piece of cardio equipment and upload current workout information to My Fitness online. Do you want your friends to know how much you’ve improved your mile time? You can share it to social media straight from the mobile app.

And if all that cool stuff wasn’t motivating enough, users can also choose one of three personal trainers to provide daily reminders and inspirational messages. Each trainer has a different voice and sends different messages to the user. True Fitness believed it was important to have multiple voices to motivate users since not everyone responds to the same language.

Now that you’ve got your schedule down, inspirational messages and documented goals, it’s time to blast “Eye of the Tiger” and get your exercise on.

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