What We’ve Learned in 20 Years as a St. Louis Digital Marketing Agency

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Content and Digital Marketing Strategist
Mar 5, 2021

Our St Louis digital marketing team has grown since Integrity first began. Now a group of SEO strategists, content specialists, analysts, paid search gurus and more, we love crafting comprehensive marketing programs for our clients. 

But it takes a little bit of learning to get there. Here are some of the ways we help clients set themselves apart.

Our St Louis Digital Marketing Team’s Words of Advice

Be Prepared to Do the Legwork 

A client may come to us saying they want three posts on Facebook each week. Sure — that’s a simple enough task for anyone. But our difference is in our strategy. In our digital marketing discovery efforts, we might:

After we’ve gone through a discovery effort, we can create a tailored digital marketing strategy that meets your unique needs and audience. Maybe you do need Facebook posts three times a week — maybe you don’t. Maybe you could also benefit from a variety of other marketing efforts that work in tandem to bring you the brand awareness and/or lead generation you desire.

At the very least, we’ll make sure we know enough to target the posts to an audience that you value with messaging and graphics that grab their attention. Speaking of audiences...

Get to Know Your Audience, Inside and Out

Marketing is all about meeting your current and potential audience where they are. Do you know who those people are? No — do you really know? Our discovery efforts will help uncover what makes those users tick, their demographics, what they like and dislike. 

The next step is knowing how your audience behaves when it comes to your service or product. Where are they coming from? How do they find you? How many are recurring, or what stops a customer from being a repeat buyer? 

We’ve found in our decades of digital marketing experience that many clients can’t answer these questions. That’s where we can help. (Side note: A comprehensive lead nurturing campaign is a great way to reach and hook your audience.) 

Not sure who your preferred target audience is? Then you’re at the “do not pass go, do not collect $200.00” phase. Without knowing who your target audience, is you can’t target your marketing strategies and your efforts and budget can’t be maximized.

We’ve built hundreds of target audience profiles for our clients; as a digital marketing agency it’s our duty to ensure our clients are set up for success from the start, if you aren’t — we’ll let you know and we’ll outline what you need to move forward.

Marketing Success Requires a Symphony, Not a Solo

Like we mentioned earlier — posting to social media without a full marketing or branding strategy can be a little like screaming into the void. While we don’t recommend every client try their hand at every possible marketing channel, finding the right mix for your brand, goals and audience is something we’ve tailored.

Say we’re working with a financial advisor. Ultimately, you’re looking to bring in more clients and educate the audience that you already have. We may recommend a targeted posting schedule on LinkedIn, executing paid search ads and publishing helpful content to your blog. 

While the purpose of each of these channels is different, they should all be sharing the same message to your audience. Multiple outlets give you a chance to get in front of users where they are as well as for you to share your mission and thought leadership. 

Maybe your financial advising company wants more estate planning business. Create a great blog on why it’s never too early to start estate planning. Include an easy-to-locate short form for people to contact you. Share the blog to your company’s LinkedIn page. And let your Google Search ads target your audience, addressing your specific service offering and giving them a quick way to get in touch. 

Your Tactics are Only As Good as Your Data Analysis

The beauty of digital marketing is that you are privy to data, no matter which channel you choose. From Facebook ad campaigns to email marketing, all platforms today offer you valuable insights that can show you how effective your marketing efforts actually are. But this data is no good if you don’t try to make sense of it.

Sure, a lot of agencies look at the data. But if you’re getting reports full of the number of impressions without any real insight, then how does that help achieve your goals?

At Integrity, we’ve always been a data-driven agency in everything we do. And our St. Louis digital marketing team is no exception. We are pros at navigating and understanding tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio — on top of the native analytics found in each marketing platform. 

By regularly reviewing and reporting on the effectiveness of our clients’ marketing programs, we can demonstrate actual value and pivot our efforts as needed. And we’ll never keep your data hidden from you either.

Traditional and Digital Can (and Should) Coexist

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Traditional isn’t dead — you just need to reimagine it. For many companies, a strategic omnichannel marketing program can be beneficial for their audience. 

But it’s not as easy as creating a direct mail piece and sending it out into the breeze, hoping for a response (but not really knowing if it actually worked to drive business). Nowadays, our digital marketing team partners with our traditional marketing and media buying teams to create powerful strategies.

Have a great promotion or sale coming up? A unique direct mail piece can reach your audience, but a trackable landing page and phone number is key. Have an audience that’s cut the cord on cable? You can reach connected TV users digitally, gaining access insights and data that wouldn’t have been available through traditional tv advertising. 

Have business goals? We’ve got solutions. Our team of St. Louis digital marketing specialists can help create a full strategy that meets your audience and boosts your business. Contact us today.

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