Thinking Beyond the Desktop: Responsive Web Design

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Apr 13, 2012

Gone are the days of having a single device for web surfing, emailing and the like. Nowadays, it’s considered archaic if you don’t have a laptop, smart phone and iPad or tablet….or maybe that’s just us. Beyond just the hardware, most users navigate the web on multiple browsers and platforms. More and more companies respond by building multiple unique versions of their website, individually optimized for desktops, iPhones, Blackberrys, iPads and Kindles…but what about the dozens of devices that have yet to hit the stores this year?

Things are getting complicated fast. You better have a plan.

Enter responsive web design. A highly innovative way to build smarter websites that adapt layout and content to a user’s browser window size in “real time,” providing intuitive user experiences across a broad spectrum of screen resolutions. Simply stated, responsive design is the answer to the issue of infinite device screen variation.

Responsive web design allows companies to intelligently control this fragmented, ever-changing web world.

The future isn’t coming – it's right here. Are you ready for it?


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