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Apr 2, 2013

We usually reserve talking about our projects until after they’re launched. You know, when they’re all pretty, bug free and actually clickable.

This post is different, much like the project that it’s about.

What’s so cool about this project?

BusyEvent Mobile is the ultimate business-to-business conference and tradeshow mobile app.

Users will be able to manage events, plan their agendas, create personalized profiles and network within the mobile app. BusyEvent Mobile will allow attendees, vendors, speakers and event planners to generate and follow up on business leads, making it a valuable marketing tool for a variety of industries.

In other words, BusyEvent Mobile is the pocket-sized assistant you always wished you had, but without the attitude. Well, maybe a little attitude.

Normally, a project of such caliber would take a team of our size a year or longer to build.

We’re doing it in five months.

A crack team of about 15 interactive designers, frontend and backend developers, content strategists, an entire mobile development lab and one stressed out project manager are currently eating, breathing and sleeping BusyEvent Mobile. Every single aspect of the mobile app is custom made. From the clean, modern logo to the massive amount of code to the quippy copy.

What the hell is this “spare time” thing I keep hearing about?

So, what exactly is BusyEvent?

BusyEvent is a St. Louis startup that specializes in event planning expertise. We’ve worked closely with co-founders David Schenberg and Brian Slawin and their team every step of the way to build this complex app, and a responsive website, from scratch.

A beta version of the mobile app will be released for a large event at the end of April. The first fully functional version will roll out for iOS in mid-May.  An Android version of the mobile app and many updates will follow.

Check out what Amir Kurtovic of the St. Louis Business Journal had to say about his peak at the wizards behind the BusyEvent curtain.

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